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GroupWise 7 SP2 Released April 19, 2007

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SP2 was released late on April 16th and is available for public download.
SP2 consists of many bug fixes, including issues seen with the Home views and new InstallShield tools to address MSI issues.
SP2 also provides GW support for Vista for the Windows client.



SLES, OES – How do I tell the version? March 28, 2007

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A popular question indeed.  Here is a link to a Techical Information Document (TID) #3594951 that describes how to interpret the kernel versions.


Microsoft customers melting down over Daylight Saving patches March 8, 2007

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A number of users in the DST chat room are reporting problems getting their Blackberry servers and devices to sync up with their DST-patched Exchange servers. Others, in spite of Microsoft warnings to apply DST patches in a specific order, are running into problems because they are attempting to patch Exchange before Windows.

more info here.

DST Tool Released March 2, 2007

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The GroupWise DST Adjuster 2007 is now released and available for download here.


DST Tool March 1, 2007

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Here we are on March 1, 2007. Our GroupWise development team has completed work on the DST GWCheck tool. This Daylight Savings Time option in GWCheck is much anticipated.

The download is not yet ready. I am told late tomorrow or sometime during the weekend for the release (Monday on the outside) as we work to complete testing. We have identified 17,000 cases that need to tested prior to release. The team has been working around the clock on this task. Please stay tuned.


GroupWise DST Tool Fixes Appointments Already Made February 23, 2007

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GroupWise Development team has found a way to fix all those pesky appointments during the time in question…depending on what client you used to create the appointment.

We are targeting releasing a tool on March 1st that will resolve this issue for the majority of appointments. Here is a list of what the tool is, and is NOT:

more info here.

Novell OES Training and Support Promo Extended through June 30, 2007 February 22, 2007

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To help our customers and partners deploy Novell Open Enterprise Server on Linux with confidence, Novell recently launched a training and support services promotion. The response to this promotion has been extremely positive, and many organizations have taken advantage of the free training and support it offers. To increase its benefit, we are pleased to announce that the promotion is being extended through June 30, 2007.

This extension will help your customers and partners make the most of the significant opportunity to migrate workgroup services to Linux. By taking advantage of the free training, and then leveraging the extended window of free support, they will be well on the road to success. For more information, customers can visit www.novell.com/oespromo. Partners can get all the details at www.novell.com/partners.

Finally, we’d like to make you aware of a new web page that has been created to help customers and partners leverage the power of the Novell Open Workgroup Suite and migrate its component products to Linux. This page contains tried and true migration resources, as well as information on customers who have successfully migrated their workgroup services to Linux. For more information, please visit www.novell.com/migrate.

Automated Tool to Address Daylight Saving Time Impact on GroupWise Appointments: Critical Information for GroupWise and IT Administrators February 22, 2007

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Coming March 1st to the download website…

The coming legislative changes in Daylight Saving Time can impact some appointments in Novell GroupWise systems by changing their scheduled appointment time by one hour. Novell is building an automated tool to accompany the manual correction measures already provided by the Novell GroupWise team. The tool will be a GWCheck option and will be available for download at http://download.novell.com by March 1, 2007. Administrators will need to run the tool on all post offices in order to automatically adjust the majority of affected appointment items.

It’s important to understand that the tool alone will not resolve all known issues. We will provide specific details next week when we post the tool. If you prefer to get a jump on the process, please visit https://secure-support.novell.com/KanisaPlatform/Publishing/741/3802376_f.SAL_Public.html to reference the Daylight Saving Time manual process documentation. Thank you for your attention to this issue.

For information on Daylight Saving Time changes relative to other Novell products, visit http://www.novell.com/info/daylight_saving.html.

Novell GroupWise Product Team

Daylight Savings Time Changes February 6, 2007

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With the upcoming changes to Daylight Saving Time here in North America, there are several technical information documents (TID’s) that describe the process of updating core products to allow for this change. It is critical that you apply the changes to your GroupWise systems NOW in order to minimize the instances where future appointments in the time span affected are off by one hour.

GroupWise customers can also reference TID #3802376

more info here.